Step by step Guide for Online Business Registration

Let us introduce you to our new local government services portal, the "Loon's ELBI eServices." To access it, just go to the Loon's ELBI eServices website,

This new portal now accepts business registrations of new corporations, partnerships, foundations, and cooperatives. Just follow these simple steps once you are at this site:

  1. REGISTER as an online eServices user. Make sure that an authorized person registers for your corporation in this portal.
  2. LOG IN.
  3. Click {YOUR_NAME} from the navigation bar
  5. Fill out all fields presented to you on every panel, such as: Name of corporation, SEC registration number, name of president/ chief executive officer, business location including property index number, detailed description of business activity and number of employees.
  6. Recheck if you have filled in all the required details.
  7. Attach scanned (authentic) copies of all prior requirements required by law, which are:
    • Barangay clearance
    • Securities and Exchange Commission Certificate of Registration (1st page), if corporation or partnership
    • Certificate of registration from the Cooperative Development Authority, if cooperative
    • Evidence of authorization to use the business site :
      • Transfer certificate of title (TCT) or tax declaration (if property is owned by the applicant)
      • Contract of lease (if property is leased) (all pages)
    • Fire Safety Inspection Certificate (from the Bureau of Fire Protection in Loon)
  8. Read carefully the statement of responsibility because your authorized officer will have to sign it prior to the release of the Mayor's Permit to do business in Loon.
  9. Click AGREE to this statement.
  10. Click SUBMIT or you can SAVE AS DRAFT if you want to continue this later.
  11. PRINT the application form so you will have a hard copy. DO NOT EXIT.

The application will not proceed if any blanks are detected.

Once submitted, the application will proceed electronically to the Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO).

  • Print out the assessment emailed to you by the BPLO or in the messages in your ELBI Portal account.
  • Present this at the cashier of the Municipal Treasurer's Office, Window 3, Loon Municipal Hall; get your official Tax Bill and your Official Receipt.
  • Go to the BPLO Business One Stop Shop, Loon Municipal Hall: Bring this Official Receipt, your signed copy of the Online Application Form, and original copies of your SEC or CDA registration, barangay clearance, and you will get your MAYOR'S PERMIT TO DO BUSINESS in Loon.
In addition, the BPLO will provide you with a checklist of other government permits and clearances you must comply with for your particular business activity, within 30 days. Present original documents of the relevant additional permits to the BPLO within 30 days, otherwise your Mayor's Permit to do business will be automatically revoked.

If you have comments/suggestions, please feel free to email at


ELBI stands for Enhance Loon Business-One-Stop-Shop Initiative, and it refers to the system developed and maintained by the Local Government Unit of Loon for electronically registration, including attachments, if any, of Business Permits, specifically through the internet.

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