How to Download the ELBI Offline Form Application:


The ELBI Offline Form is a free and easy to use application that allows you to fill-out application form at your own convenience without having to stay connected to the internet. Once you are ready to submit the form, you will have to submit to the local office so that submission can be completed.

System Requirements:

-Adobe Reader version 8 or higher to view and fill up offline application form;


Click the links to download and save the following files to your desktop or a different folder on your computer:

-Loon's ELBI Unified Business Permit Application Form 2017.pdf


ELBI stands for Enhance Loon Business-One-Stop-Shop Initiative, and it refers to the system developed and maintained by the Local Government Unit of Loon for electronically registration, including attachments, if any, of Business Permits, specifically through the internet.

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